Walter L. Marr: Buick’s Amazing Engineer


The story of Buick’s brilliant and innovative Chief Engineer, Walter Lorenzo Marr.

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From renowned authors and automotive historians Bev Kimes and Jim Cox comes this excellent biography of Buick’s brilliant and innovative Chief Engineer, Walter Lorenzo Marr. Not well known to many historians, Marr played an unheralded but crucial part in the development of the early auto industry and General Motors. Deeply committed to “valve in head” engines and other important elements of the modern automobile, Marr’s contributions made Buick one of America’s most reliable and desirable marques in the early part of the twentieth century.

Plagued by illness, his own stubborn adherence to what he thought was right and often reluctant managers, Marr nonetheless became one of the most respected engineers in years when the automobile was making its reputation as America’s preferred and soon to be dominant method of public transportation. Extensively researched and carefully illustrated from the wealth of material in the Marr Family archives, this book is essential for Buick enthusiasts and automotive historians alike.

Tragically, not long after publication of this volume, Bev Kimes succumbed to a long bout of illness, through which she persevered to bring it her inimitable style and accuracy. It is but one tribute to her remarkable career as America’s premier automotive historian.

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Walter L. Marr: Buick’s Amazing Engineer



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