American Road Racing: 1948 – 1950 The Sport Revived


The dramatic story of early American road racing, with superb accuracy and first hand experience.

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Joel Finn’s latest definitive book features the complete history of how American road racing began anew after World War II and grew into a major sport in the United States. Following the formation of the Sports Car Club of America, the reintroduction of road racing began at Watkins Glen, New York on October 2, 1948.

The popularity of the sport exploded over the next few years, as racers and organizers struggled to keep up with inevitable changes. The challenges of initiating, staging, organizing and managing these events, many on held on public roads, posed many problems and created a good deal of dissension amongst competing groups and powerful individuals. Author Finn lays out the dramatic story of these crucial early years of American road racing with superb accuracy and the immediacy of first hand experience.

Includes more than 600 photos, illustrations and race charts. 435pp. large format, hard-bound.

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American Road Racing: 1948 – 1950 The Sport Revived



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