All roads lead to Hershey Oct. 7th – 10th (and other big news!)

Hershey Region Meet by the ACAAThe first week of October is upon us, which means the Hershey Fall Meet is just around the corner. The ACAA is at it again for their 60th anniversary at Hersheypark since kicking off the event in 1955.

Another fun fact: The annual meet features 9,000 flea market spaces, 1,000 car corrals, and 1,500 show cars. In other words, there are plenty of cars to be seen and plenty of car talk waiting to happen.

We will be there on the red field. Come visit us to pick up a copy of The Last Day of Henry Ford because…

Here’s the even bigger news: Our title The Last Days of Henry Ford is nominated for the SAH Nicholas-Joseph Cugnot Award, which is presented annually to a book that promotes a better understanding of the history of automobiles. The winner will be announced Saturday night (October 10th) at the awards banquet in Hershey Lodge.

You can find a schedule for all for Hershey events here.

See you there!


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